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The Message Mobile Omnichannel Gateway is an offer from Message Mobile GmbH that enables Message Mobile customers to send messages via various messengers (such as WhatsApp or Facebook).

Message Mobile only provides its customers with the technical requirements for sending messages and is not responsible for the content they send.

Message Mobile collects and processes personal information only as part of the offering for these customers. Data is collected only for the customer and for the purposes of the customer.

If you use messengers like If you install WhatsApp or the Facebook Messenger, you accept the terms of use and privacy policy of the respective provider. Message Mobile has no influence on these regulations.

Message Mobile relies on the services of the respective messenger providers (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) for the provision of its services to the customer. Message Mobile is in no way connected with the respective company. There are no special contractual relationships between Message Mobile and these messenger providers regarding the services that Message Mobile may provide to the customer.

Message Mobile is exclusively a technical service provider, which does not have any accounts and therefore can not be held responsible for the misuse of the respective EndUserLicenceAgreements (EULA) of the individual messengers.

Your Data

If you sign up for one of the messenger services we support, some of your data may be automatically collected. This includes:

These data help our customer to provide you with the best possible service experience.

Message Mobile is not responsible for what data is stored for how long at the respective messenger provider.

Your data is always processed by us in Europe - the places where the messenger providers process and store the data are beyond the control of Message Mobile.

Use of the collected data

We use your information only to enable our customers to communicate with you via messenger.

In exceptional cases, active subscribers will also be informed about system changes via SMS.

Message Mobile makes the collected data available to the respective customer, but will not pass on your data to third parties. From the collected data parts for employees of the customer, with whom you registered, can be visible.

Data Security

Our databases are protected by various technical precautions. Only a very limited group of people from our own company get access to the database for technical work on the service.

All employees of Message Mobile, who might have access to your data, are bound to the data secrecy according to the Telecommunications Act (TKG) as well as to the protection of data secrecy according to the European DSGVO and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

You are responsible for the security of your own device. Please ensure that your access to the messengers or your mobile device is adequately protected. We can not guarantee the security of sending data via WhatsApp and other messengers. Each transfer is therefore based on your personal risk.

Contents of the service

The content sent is the sole responsibility of the customer who uses our service and with whom you have personally registered. We therefore assume no liability for the damage that may be caused by transmitted content or links to users of the service.

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